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The Purple Perk Coffee Market was established in October of 2005. That's last decade now! My, how time flies. Well, actually, time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.


Our Mandate is to provide a neighbourhood coffee experience to, well, the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood AND BEYOND!!! Whoosh!


Our neighbourhood is the historic Mission district of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It used to be the "French Section" and known as Rouleauville. It isn't any more. Hardly anybody speaks French now, except for the French speakers.


Our coffee is organic and Rainforest Alliance certified. Find out more about what that means here. And find out less about what that means here (no, that's not us, we're exactly not like that!).


All our food is made from scratch in our kitchen. We have 3 chefs, a baker and & a prep cook on hand to prepare your food! It makes for one crowded kitchen, let me tell you!


All our coffee cups and take-out trays are made from post-consumer recycled materials. That means they're not pre-cycled, they're re-cycled!


Paul is the only guy at the Perk who has two offices. His natural habitat is either lurking in the newish basement office or behind the glass door near the rear exit. (Except when he's restocking the washrooms.) Either way, he's still Paul!