Who Doesn’t Like Free Movies? Not Us!

CM Poster Artwork Billboard

Calgary has a number of movie festivals every year, covering the gamut of silver screen options.

While the 15th long-running Calgary Underground Film Festival has already come and gone for the year, the 20th Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival and 10th Hidden Gems Film Festival are happening right now, the upcoming 11th Sled Island has a film component, later in the year the 19th Calgary International Film Festival and the 43rd Banff Mountain Film Festival take their bow, and the year rounds out with the CUFF.DOCS Documentary Film Festival in November.

But most of those require pre-paid passes or cash. Coming up this weekend we have a film festival featuring that tastiest of all possible prices, FREE! Yes, CalgaryMovies.com present the 20th Anniversary One Day Film Festival, with free admission (donations accepted of course, but not required).

And no, it’s not called a one day film festival because it’s only one day long, the challenge to the film makers is to shoot an entire movie in just one day. You can check it out Saturday June 2nd at the Globe Cinema, 617 8 Ave SW from 2:30-9:30 pm. Ans as they say, “bring a friend!”