Breakfast All The Time

The Famous Cup of Coffee 1050

16oz organic coffee served with cream & sugar, 3 eggs any style, bacon,  & toast, with a heapin’ helpin’ of hashbrowns

Breakfast Sandwich 1050

Fried egg sandwich with cheddar, bacon, lettuce, tomato, & mayo on toasted multigrain with a hodaddy hoedown of hashbrowns

Montana Flapjacks 1195

3 light & fluffy pancakes disco dancing with blueberries, bacon, & syrup

Farmer’s omelette 1295

3 eggs, country sausage, roasted vegetables, & cheddar, alongside hitch-hiking hashbrowns, toast, & bangin’ baked beans

Greek For Me! 1295

Spinach & feta 3-egg omelette, hungover hashbrowns, & toast, beside browned baked beans

El Guadalajara, Hombre 1295

A 3-egg omelette cuddling vivacious veggie chili, meltable mozzarella, cheerful cheddar, sassy salsa & groovy guacamole (can you believe the price of avocados these days?) along hangdog hashbrowns, & toast, bordering big bad baked beans

Also… from 225  to 695

Muffin 275, Perk-made Granola Bar 295, Fruit Bowl 350, Perk-made Scone 325, Yogurt Parfait 695, Toasted Bagel, 225 and (Fred’s fave) Toasted Bagel with Cream Cheese 310
     Heck, we can’t tell the future, by the time you read this we might have even more, so check the daily specials!

Appetizers, Soups & Salads

Spolumbo Gumbo sm 395 lg 495

Sausages make everything better

Soup of Today sm 395 lg 495

Ask and we shall explain

Mediterranean Salad 395

So good we imagine we’re on vacation every time we eat it

Greek Salad 595

No Greeks were harmed in the making of this salad

Pot Stickers 895

Crispy pork and vegetable dumplings served with plum sauce & honey mustard

Hummus Plate 895

Garlicky chickpea dip, served with corn chips

Spinach Artichoke Dip 995

Smooth and hot with cream cheese, bacon and garlic, served with tortilla chips

Chicken Caesar 1195

Grilled  or crispy chicken breast reclining on a bed of fresh romaine with Perky Caesar dressing, and Garlic Bread

Poached Pear & Gorgonzola 1295

Spring mix greens topped with warm slices of poached pear, crispy bacon, garnished with Gorgonzola blue cheese and pralines, all drizzled with balsamic vinegarette, sided with garlic bread

Mango•A•Go•Go 1095

Spinach leaves topped with grilled or crispy chicken, mango chunks and slivered toasted almonds with raspberry vinegarette dressing, served with garlic bread

Fajita Steak Salad 1495

Grilled pretty close to perfection, thinly sliced and gently placed on mixed greens with avocado, tomato, cheddar cheese and mozza, all served in a tortilla bowl with balsamic dressing

Burgers & So On…

Paninis 795

Your choice: Fontina & Capicola; Cuban Lunch; Tuna & Artichoke; Roasted Vegetable & Goat Cheese

Wraps 795

Your choice: Chicken Perk; Thai Beef; Veggie; Chicken Caesar (Hail!); Huevos Rancheros (only 695)

Big Bad Voodoo Burger 1095

Beef burger loaded with bacon and Danish blue cheese then we drag it protesting through the garden — Fries or side salad included

Reuben Tuesday 1095

Everyday is Tuesday with this Perk classic! Corned beef piled high with sauerkraut and Swiss cheese and 1000 island dressing all on fresh pumpernickel bread

Portobello Perkalator Burger 1095

Grilled portobello mushroom topped with roasted vegetables and melted Brie in a BURGER! Go figure. — Fries or side salad included

Bangin’ BLT 1095

Double smoked bacon, jalepeño jack, mixed greens and tomatoes on lightly grilled multigrain

Philly Cheesesteak 1095

AAA roast beef thinly sliced with sautéed swiss and a red pepper onion mix served on a grilled ciabatta bun + beef-au-jus

Grandma’s Grilled Cheese 1095

Pulled pork shoulder, melted swiss and jack + Perk’s own homemade fig jam

Perk’s Meatloaf Sandwich 1195

Homemade meatloaf on grilled multigrain bread gently covered with zesty tomato sauce and carmelied onions, cheddar cheese
— Fries or Side Salad

4th Street Club 1195

Smoked, pulled turkey, baked ham, crispy bacon, lettuce, & tomato on grilled multigrain bread with jalepeño jack + cranberry aioli

Entrées and Suchlike…

Chicken Pot Pie 795

I just love the crust on this

Mac & Cheese 795

We know this is “trending” now but we don’t care, it’s just that good

Lasagna 995

Beef or our surprisingly popular Vegetable home-made lasagna served piping hot

Blackened Snapper 995

Perfectly pan fried, paired with pounded potatoes, plated with vegetables

Beef Chili 1095

The next best thing to a HUG
— Cornbread and Side Greens

Sara’s Veggie Chili 1095

This almost as good as a HUG comes with cornbread and side greens

Yes We Still Serve Liver & Onions 995

Honestly, why don’t they serve this everywhere? Tender liver sautéed with bacon, rained on by a blueberry reduction, dominating mashed potatoes, & veggies

Super Stir Fry 1095

Hot and Spicy, just like you… quick fried veggies mixed with bean sprouts on a bed of noodles tossed in our snappy stir fry sauce, served with chopsticks and a fortune cookie!
—Add beef or chicken (grilled or crispy)   + 250

Betty’s Spaghetti 1095

Rich meat sauce generously poured over fresh pasta
— Garlic Toast

Chicken Fettucini 1195

Perk’s own alfredo sauce and grilled or crispy chicken served with garlic toast + side of grated parmesan

Pasta Perkitaly 1295

Calgary’s own famous Spolumbo sausage, tossed with rotini, and roasted vegetables in a snappy tomato sauce served with garlic toast. YUM!

Chicken Parm 1495

Lightly breaded sautéed chicken, covered in melted mozza + marinara sauce served with fettuccini alfredo + side vegetables

Chicken Quesadilla 1495

Roasted chicken, roasted vegetables, mozza and cheddar cheese grilled in a folded tortilla with salsa & sour cream

Paul Went To Mississippi* Jambala 1495

Shrimp, sausage, ham, chicken + rice in a spicy tomato sauce + served with cornbread The best bowl of Creole this side of the Mississippi!
* And all he bought me was this stupid t-shirt

Pot Roast 1495

Slow roasted braised beef in mashed potatoes surrounded by gravy, topped with an avalanche of vegetables, and served with garlic bread


Yummy Squares

Date Square
Espresso Brownie 295
Peanut Butter Crispy 295
Cranberry Apple Square 295
Lemon Square 300
Rice Crispy 325
Puffed Wheat 325
Nanaimo Bar 350

Tasty Bites

Canadiana Butter Tart
Italiana Florentine 275
Banana Loaf 300
Banana Chocolate Loaf 300
Fruit Crisp 450


Chocolate Chip 250
White Chocolate Macadamia 250
Raisin Oatmeal 250
Ginger Cream 350
Health Cookie 275

Slices of…

Slice-O-Pie 595
Slice of Carrot Cake 795
Slice of Chocolate Cake 795
Slice of Cheesecake 795

Coffee and Stuff.
You know you want it…


Coffee 275  375  450
Espresso 275  375  450
Americano 275  375  450
Macchiato 275  375  450
High Test 350  400  495
Latte 390  480  570
Cappuccino 390  480  570
Mochaccino- 415  505  595
Café Thursday 415  505  595
Misto any size add +075

And Stuff

Tea 295
Steamers 330  390  480
London Fog 390  480  575
Hot Chocolate 390  480  575
Chai 480  550  600
Frappucino 595
Vietnamese Coffee 595
Mocha Shake 695


Water Nestle Pure Life • San Pellegrino 225
Pop Coke • Diet Coke • Ginger Ale • SanPellegrino – Orange; Lemon; Blood Orange 250
Fentiman's Curiosity Cola • Shandy • Tonic Water • Rose Lemonade • Ginger Beer 300
Juice Odwalla Smoothie – Original; Mango Tango; Strawberry Banana • Simply Juice – Peach; Lemon; Apple • Tropicana Orange Some Pulp 300
Rise Kombucha Mint & Chlorophyll • Rose & Schizandra • Ginger • Hibiscus & Rose Hips  495