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We Cater To You!

Really good stuff to eat that you can order for your meeting or event, then have it delivered or pick it up!

Look. We admit it. We’re old, our back hurts, and we totally feel it after hitting the moguls. Also, we’re crotchety and don’t really get this technology stuff.

So after you’ve placed your order here, please, PLEASE, phone us at 403-244-1300 to confirm the order address and payment arrangements. Otherwise, we might miss it in the hurlyburly of our high-flying kitcheering lifestyle.

Oh, and the prices might change without notice. Sometimes we don’t even notice. But the till notices. Damn till. 



Purple Perk Kitchencafé
2212 4th Street SW



Mon-Wed 7am-10pm
Thu-Sat 7am-11pm
Sun 8am-10pm