Lilac. The Festival, Not the Scent!

LilacDSC 0020
A quiet moment in front of the Purple Perk on 4th Street SW during the Lilac Festival.

The ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Lilac Festival.

Growing apace and going from strength to strength since 1998, up to 120,000 pedestrians will crowd the Cliff Bungalow – Mission stretch of 4th Street SW on Sunday, June 3rd.

We have just one thing to say.

Don’t come. Stay away. Enjoy the day somewhere else. But if you must visit, start at the Elbow Drive end and pop into the Perk for a coffee.

In fact, cool down and do some people watching while enjoying one of our special $6 Mocha Milkshakes. Only available during the Lilac Festival, they feature fresh, local Foothills Ice Cream and shots of our locally roasted espresso.

The weather report calls for 20°C+ weather, hot with clear skies. Wear a hat. Or go to a beach . But if you’ve just got to come to the Lilac Fest, we humbly not humbly recommend hanging out at the 23rd Ave Direct Energy Stage, checking out bands like Bardic Form, Alleviate, and Good Nature, and drinking our Milkshakes.